Explosive Growth Fuels Demand For Talent

Our Journey of Disruption

I believe Elasticsearch is destined for greatness, and here’s why: since 2010 we have been constantly innovating Elasticsearch based on our vision for the future for one of the biggest holes in the IT landscape today, and that solution is now being downloaded thousands and thousands of times … per day! But the innovation doesn’t stop there; we have a talented team hard at work to bring further revolutionary ideas into the market, which you can expect hear more about in the future.

We believe this is how software innovation should work: think ahead and create wonderful products that don’t just solve problems, but also create new possibilities. Elasticsearch fits this description very nicely. The product isn’t merely a solution to problem; we find our customers actually creating new products based on Elasticsearch, that they wouldn’t have been able to drive to market without it.

If you look at what we’re currently working on, you’ll undoubtedly agree that Elasticsearch is only the beginning of an exciting journey. The main reason being, that even though there are many other solutions out there that also solve part of the “big data challenge”, no other product was designed from the ground up to provide a single holistic end-to-end experience. Combine that with our team’s near obsession with user friendliness, and you end up with a product that is really easy to use, and that’s getting noticed. Now this is where we are today. However, we have some truly incredibly advanced ideas for releases that we believe will be as groundbreaking as Elasticsearch is today.

Passionate People Make The Difference

We are unbelievably passionate about creating Elasticsearch, and know there are more people like us out there. We are driven by our shared passion for making a difference. Creating products that allow others to have new insights into their business, or innovate by driving new products to market, is about as rewarding as it gets.

With us progressing Elasticsearch faster than ever before, we have to grow our tech team as well as the group of people that make up the commercial and operational side of our company. We are therefore looking passionate team-players in Sales, Marketing, Technology and Operations that love driving change. We are not interested in merely being ready for the future, we’re creating it.


We’re not exactly big believers in tight hierarchical layers and skills set requirements in job descriptions. That’s why you won’t find things like “5 years of experience with X” or “Masters degree in ABC” on our job postings. We need you to excel at what you do, or have the ambition to learn how to excel. Here’s a quick overview of what kind of expertise we’re seeking to expand our team with here at Elasticsearch.

Developing Software

We’re looking for Elasticsearch developers that wish to help us progress our product. Whether it’s contributing to the core (in Java) or to the clients (in many other languages) we would love to talk to you. You have the possibility to have a broad and exciting role, where your responsibilities go way beyond writing code. If you want to, you have the possibility to be involved in teaching training courses, creating marketing materials, talking to customers in commercial processes, and speaking at conferences around the world.

Customer Support

If you love working with happy customers that are about as excited about a product as you are, you should consider working at Elasticsearch to provide tech support to our customer base. It’s growing fast, and they have questions that need answering.

Marketing & Sales

We are as passionate about our business execution as we are about creating new technology. When you speak with us, you will find that our demand generation engine is designed and operated by the very best people in the industry. Our marketing team and our sales teams consist of true industry professionals that are experts in their field. Whenever I talk with anybody on the marketing or sales teams, it’s very rewarding to see how proud they are to represent Elasticsearch. Here you have the opportunity to harness the great momentum of our open source technology to deliver outstanding products to our customers.


We’re a global company. Elasticsearch has its main European presence in The Netherlands, and its main US presence in the Bay Area just south of San Francisco, but we hiring into many other places. We have hubs of people in Paris, London, Berlin and Prague, but also have talented individuals working either from their homes across Europe and the US. To us, your location is less important than your qualities, so don’t hesitate to contact us even if you’re living 10,000 miles from our nearest office location.

Hear it directly from our developers …

Our developers love to talk about Elasticsearch and what it’s like to work here. You can meet them yourself on the video on our careers page.

What this comes down to, is that if you want to help us revolutionize an industry by actually delivering a solution that works, please reach out to us. We’d love to connect.