Product release

Elasticsearch for Apache Hadoop 5.0.0-alpha4

​I am excited to announce the release of Elasticsearch for Apache Hadoop (aka ES-Hadoop) 5.0.0-alpha4 built against Elasticsearch 5.0.0-alpha4.

IMPORTANT: This is an alpha release and is intended for testing purposes only. Indices created in this version will not be compatible with Elasticsearch 5.0.0 GA. For the sake of your own sanity, we do not advise using this version in production.

What's new?

Pig - Mixed Value Maps

Maps in Pig with mixed value types are now supported by the connector. No longer will these collection types be processed as an empty map during indexing time.

Spark - Auto Create Index Fixed

In some cases, Spark integration was all too eager to help you index your data, even when asked to not automatically create new indices. After a quick intervention, it's happy to notify you when the index doesn't exist.

Objects Used in Update Script Parameters

Internal request rendering was improved so that the connector would no longer incorrectly treat objects in an update's parameter list as flat JSON strings.


A handful of documentation improvement contributions have been accepted. Relatedly, we've given our personal spell checkers a stern talking to.


Please DO try this at home! You can download ES-Hadoop 5.0.0-alpha4, try it out, find out how it breaks, and let us know what you did on Twitter, GitHub, or in the forum. A crisp high five is waiting for all who participate! Not a huge fan of high fives? There's always the Elasticsearch Pioneer Program instead!