EMA explores Elastic AI Assistant for Security

Spoiler alert: it’s great!


Elastic Security has been making waves among busy security analysts everywhere with the launch of Elastic AI Assistant. Whether it’s synthesizing alert details and suggesting next steps, or the recent addition from Elastic 8.11 to generate ES|QL queries from natural language, there’s a lot to love about Elastic AI Assistant for security efforts. The impact of this new capability has been cataloged in a recent impact brief from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA): AI at Your Fingertips: How Elastic AI Assistant Simplifies Cybersecurity

By EMA’s estimate, Elastic AI Assistant will reshape the security landscape. Highlights include: 

  • The unique advantage that the Elasticsearch Relevance EngineTM (ESRE) gives to the AI Assistant  

  • How the Assistant reduces the security learning curve by making cybersecurity information easily accessible 

  • The cornerstones of the technology, like the open and transparent AI framework and user-centric adaptability 

Here’s one of our favorite quotes from the brief:


The open, generative AI sidekick revolutionizes cybersecurity, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.

Elastic’s efforts in generative AI have yielded an incredible assistant, available to customers using Elastic Security 8.8 and beyond. The brief from EMA explores the impact that the AI Assistant will have on the security industry at large. 

Explore Elastic AI Assistant for Security yourself to see how you can modernize your SecOps.

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