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Running Elasticsearch on ARM

One of Elastic’s guiding principles is to be where our users are. We publish our products for several platforms in a variety of formats, so that you can get up-and-running as quickly as possible.

With the increasing popularity of ARM-based architectures, we wanted to make sure that our users could run Elasticsearch on ARM as well as x86-64. Starting from version 7.8.0, you can download Linux artifacts for 64-bit ARM architectures (AArch64). The Docker image is now multi-architecture, meaning that you can pull and run Elasticsearch on ARM exactly as you would on an x86-64 system, either from Docker Hub or from Elastic’s Docker registry:

docker pull

While these ARM artifacts are not yet supported for production, we’re excited to make our ARM artifacts available to early adopters. We’d love for you to try running Elasticsearch on ARM and give us feedback. We’re working on publishing ARM artifacts for our other product offerings as well, and your input can help us get there faster.