Elastic Stack 8.10.2 released


Version 8.10.2 of the Elastic Stack was released today. We recommend you upgrade to this latest version especially if you use Cross-cluster search (CCS). We recommend 8.10.2 over the previous patch versions in 8.10.x.

The 8.10.2 patch release contains a fix for an issue with Cross-cluster search. After upgrading to 8.10.0/8.10.1, Kibana was incorrectly displaying a “Received partial response” error in various apps (e.g. Discover, Security) when the underlying Cross-cluster search (CCS) requests are returning partial results (i.e. with is_partial: true in their responses).

For details of the issues that have been fixed and a full list of changes for each product in this version, please refer to the release notes.