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We’re excited to share enhancements made to the Elastic Cloud console billing page, designed to elevate the experience for our direct monthly, marketplace monthly, and annual customers.

The latest features bring simplicity and efficiency, with an intuitive interface, while ensuring you have comprehensive oversight of your usage. You will notice the following changes on the usage page.

Enhanced graphical representation

We’ve introduced a new graph visualization feature, offering customers an insightful visual overview of their usage patterns. This enhancement aims to simplify the analysis of your expenditures, enabling a quick and clear understanding of your usage patterns and trends.

billing graph

Daily and monthly usage insights

Because you have a diverse set of needs, we’ve incorporated an option to view expenditures by day or month. Whether you want to delve into daily usage details or seek a broader monthly usage overview, this feature promises a tailored view aligning with your preferences.

Downloadable usage data

Now, you can download your usage data in CSV format (scheduled for our next release, expected on November 2, 2023). This enhancement facilitates not only easy data analysis, sharing, and storage, but also puts usage data at your fingertips. It enables more in-depth insights, customized reports, and efficient budget management and planning.

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Insights into synthetics product usage

As we continue to expand our product offerings, new products, and services will be integrated into the usage page. The latest addition to this offering is Synthetic Monitoring. This feature offers insights into the utilization and expenses associated with synthetics products, making it easier to manage and optimize your overall spending.

We encourage you to explore the enriched billing page and are confident that these features will add value to your experience as a customer. Your ongoing feedback is integral to our continuous refinement process so we can ensure that your needs and expectations are not just met, but exceeded. 

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Additional resources to get started

Learn more about the prepaid consumption billing model in the Elastic Cloud technical documentation, or contact the Elastic Sales team to get started today.

The release and timing of any features or functionality described in this post remain at Elastic's sole discretion. Any features or functionality not currently available may not be delivered on time or at all.