Elastic and Alibaba Cloud: Reflecting on our partnership and looking to the future

Alibaba Cloud is an important partner to us here at Elastic. We officially started our collaboration and strategic partnership with Alibaba Cloud back in 2017, when we announced the Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch service. Since then, we’ve seen rapid adoption and growth of the service, which now supports more than 10 petabytes of data. This year, we’ve recognized Alibaba Cloud as our Ecosystem Partner of the Year to acknowledge their contributions in advocating for free and open technology and developing value for our joint customers over the past three years.

A reason for the rapid growth of Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch is down to Alibaba Cloud’s proactive push to drive the adoption of Elasticsearch and their approach to educating developers and enterprises on how to optimize their use of Elastic technology. 

To assist our joint customers during the pandemic, Alibaba Cloud engineers and Elastic evangelists have launched several free technical courses, targeting developers, students, and engineers to help them accelerate their shift to digital business.

Alibaba Cloud has also helped Elastic to broaden the boundaries of free and open technology. We’re seeing that Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch users are expanding beyond traditional data retrieval and log analysis use cases into more business-oriented applications. And as Alibaba Cloud makes free and open technology more convenient and affordable, Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch has attracted more conventional business adopters, including traditional retail companies, logistics, finance, and manufacturing. 

Underpinning our partnership’s success is how together, Alibaba Cloud and Elastic sit at the intersection of search, open development, and cloud-native technologies. 

At Elastic, we focus on building free and open search technology that is easy to use and easy to manage, with open APIs that easily plug into orchestration systems. And, with the shared vision that search is foundational to cloud-native efforts, the Alibaba Cloud team delivers our products to customers as a best-in-class cloud experience with one-click deployment and scaling. When we release new features and capabilities in our products, Alibaba customers immediately have access to them. Together Elastic and Alibaba Cloud take care of the underlying technology, enabling users to focus on their business and quickly and easily scale their infrastructure without having to scale up their teams. 

“Thank you Elastic, for your trust and recognition of Alibaba Cloud,” said Yangqing Jia, Vice President of Alibaba Group and Senior Fellow of the Computing Platform BU. “The successful cooperation between our two companies is a paradigm of partnership and co-prosperity between cloud native and open ecosystems. At the same time, it creates a best-in-class blueprint for open source and cloud native product unity. Alibaba Cloud actively embraces ecosystem technology partners such as Elastic to build a larger Alibaba Cloud business ecosystem.”

From the Elastic team to the Alibaba Cloud team: We want to extend our congratulations and sincere thanks for your partnership and collaboration. We’re proud of the strong relationship and the momentum we’ve built together, and there is still plenty for us to accomplish. Here’s to the next three years and more!