Articles by Nik Everett

Here's how we're making the date_histogram aggregation a ton faster in Elasticsearch 7.11 and how we're going to make it even faster-er in the future.

Version 6.2 of the Elastic stack will officially support running on Java 9 or Java 8. Your choice. Supporting Java 9 has been a pretty wild ride!

Check out the ten new bootstrap checks that are coming along with Elasticsearch 5.0 and how they will help prevent major heartache for you.

How to live and work with the asynchronous process Elasticsearch uses to make documents visible for search called "refresh".

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Reindex and update-by-query are coming to Elasticsearch!

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Load Wikipedia's real search index and experiment with it! These instructions have been updated for Elastic Stack 6.3.1.

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Comparing the performance of different kinds of queries in Elasticsearch.