Articles By Luca Cavanna

13 September 2017 Engineering

The Elasticsearch Java High-Level Rest Client is Out

By Luca CavannaChristoph Büscher

The 5.6.0 release of the Elastic Stack also brings the first release of the Java high-level REST client.

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25 April 2017 Engineering

Tribe Nodes & Cross-Cluster Search: The Future of Federated Search in Elasticsearch

By Luca CavannaSimon Willnauer

We sat down to think through the next generation of Tribe Node for Elasticsearch, and out popped cross-cluster search.

14 December 2016 Engineering

State of the official Elasticsearch Java clients

By Luca Cavanna

Java programmers have two choices when communicating with Elasticsearch: they can use either the REST API over HTTP, or the internal Java API...

14 September 2016 Engineering

The Great Query Refactoring: Thou shalt only parse once

By Luca CavannaChristoph Büscher

When writing software, adding cool new features is of course always great fun. But sometimes it’s also important to work on internal changes in the code base.