Articles by Jennifer Klinger


C-suite insights on the transformative power of generative AI

Explore insights from top IT leaders on leveraging generative AI for enhancing operational resilience, mitigating security risk, and creating exceptional customer experiences.


3 steps to advance your data maturity journey

Figuring out where you are on your data maturity journey is just the first step in making your organization a data-driven machine. Next, you need to strategize how to advance through the stages of data maturity.


How to harness the untapped potential of your data

Learn how to put your organization’s untapped data to work in three steps to reduce security risk, increase operational resilience, and improve user experiences.


How IT leaders are turning data into actionable insights using search technology [Infographic]

Discover how IT leaders are using search technology to turn unstructured data into insights that improve the customer experience, increase operational resilience, and mitigate security threats.