Elastic Announces New Features for Found, the World’s Most Widely Adopted Hosted Elasticsearch Service

Achieves 1,000 customer milestone in six months since the acquisition
6 October 2015

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Amy White

Elastic Communications

Mountain View, Calif. and Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 6 October 2015 -

Elastic, the company behind the popular open source projects Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana, today announces the general availability of new features for Found, Elastic's popular hosted Elasticsearch service for its core offerings — Found Standard and Found Premium. Found is the world’s only hosted and managed Elasticsearch offering operated and supported by Elastic.

In March of 2015, Elastic announced the acquisition of Found, a company based in Norway. Found had created a hosted and fully managed Elasticsearch service to enable any startup, developer, and enterprise to get started with Elasticsearch in minutes and with only a few clicks. In the six months since the acquisition, the Found service has been fully integrated into the Elastic stack and has experienced over 100% customer growth. Today, more than 1,000 paying subscription customers use Found as their hosted Elasticsearch service including: Docker, HotelTonight, Instacart, NY Public Library, Shopify, Gengo, Sauce Labs, Clearbit, HouseTrip, Atlassian, The Climate Corporation, Hired, NYPlabs, MovingWorlds, Hoopla, MaterialWrld, Advanced Energy Economy (AEE), Chronus and several Fortune 500 companies.

Found’s hosted Elasticsearch service enables companies to get to market quickly, free up their development and operational resources, and handle their massively growing data volumes across use cases ranging from real-time search, logging and analytics. In addition, Found is the only hosted Elasticsearch service tightly integrated with Elastic’s core products -- Kibana, Logstash, Shield, Watcher and Marvel as well as Elastic’s expertise and support. Today, Found is available in seven Amazon Web Services data centers across the globe in the U.S., Europe, Latin America, and Asia Pacific and includes free automatic backups and automated scaling without any downtime starting as low as $45 per month. New features include:

  • Free Kibana 4 instance for each Elasticsearch cluster
  • Pre-built Shield integration for security
  • Pre-built Watcher integration for automatic alerting and notifications
  • SLA-based support
  • New service locations in Sydney
  • Pre-built Marvel integration for cluster monitoring (coming soon)

"Found has built an amazing hosted Elasticsearch service over the last 3 years and it’s super exciting to see our products now fully integrated together," said Shay Banon, creator of Elasticsearch, co-founder, and CTO of Elastic. "I’d like to thank our customers for helping us reach this 1,000 customer milestone and I look forward to continued success."

Customer Testimonials


John Costa, Developer Support Engineer
"We considered hosting our own Elasticsearch clusters, but wanted to minimize the time to production and ease internal operational support, so we explored hosted Elasticsearch options. After evaluating a few providers, we decided that Found matched our needs based on fault tolerance, the prompt support and ease of operations."


Andrew Kane, Software Engineer
"Search is a critical part of our customer experience, and Found gives us the high availability and performance we need. Found also makes it effortless to upgrade your cluster to take advantage of the latest improvements in Elasticsearch."


Sam "Mac" MacDonnell, CTO
"With Found’s hosted Elasticsearch service, HotelTonight is able to personalize and scale out a real-time search experience without worry about infrastructure. Found gives us a platform to focus on building our core business across millions of users."

Advanced Energy Economy (AEE)

Eric Fitz, Product Lead
"Found has allowed us to create the world’s most comprehensive database of advanced energy legislation and regulatory policy -- larger than Wikipedia -- and helps us scale without any DevOps resources. We selected Found because it is run by the creators of Elasticsearch and we are looking forward to implementing Elastic’s plugins like Shield and Watcher into our service."


Mark Horoszowski, Co-Founder
"There are a lot of hosted Elasticsearch providers, but customer service, an easy api, and affordability are also key, and that led us to Found. Not only did we get a search and recommendation engine working in only a couple hours, it's been working for 8 months without any need to bug bash. We'll be enhancing search and recommendations, but using only Found to take us to the next level. The product — and team — are AWESOME!"

Sauce Labs

Sebastian Tiedtke, Senior Director of Engineering
"Whenever a new feature or app is in the pipeline, there's always the question of whether to "build or buy." We wanted to get our search app for historical data to market quickly, and weighing our operations bandwidth against using Found's hosted Elasticsearch service, no contemplation was needed! Using Found, we were able to focus on building our search functionality, and today we deliver a seamless search experience to our end users."


Harlow Ward, Co-Founder
"As our storage needs continue to grow, Found by Elastic has been an excellent partner for us. Their superior self-service administration tools allow us to manage multi-region HA clusters and adjust resources on the fly. It's hard to imagine using Elasticsearch without the help of Found."


Andrew Evans, Senior Software Engineer
"Elasticsearch gives us enormous flexibility to personalize our search experience using real-time data for our users. With Found's hosted Elasticsearch service we don't burn valuable time on cluster management. Just click, and poof! It works."


Daniel Beauchamp, Software Engineer
"When building internal apps and prototypes that need search, Found makes it easy to setup and maintain Elasticsearch clusters at scale with high availability so we can focus on our business."


Balaji Seetharam, Engineer Lead
"Found has helped us setup and scale our search infrastructure effectively for little over 2.5 years now while allowing us to spend more time on the development of our search strategy. Very impressed with their support team who were always available when we needed their advice."


David Riordan, Product Manager
"Working with Found has been fantastic for this project. Elasticsearch has been really powerful and Found by Elastic has proven to be really resilient."


Torkil Gustavsen, CTO
"Found by Elastic has been reliable and very easy to integrate with our existing software stack. The service has proven itself an invaluable asset, and working with Found has been great."


Ken Colton, Lead Engineer
"Elasticsearch is becoming a more and more critical part of our infrastructure and Found seems like a great partner for helping us effectively make use of it without getting bogged down in ops. Your great insights and quick support has directly influenced our decision to choose Found as our ES provider."

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