Using Rally to Get Your Elasticsearch Cluster Size Right

Rally is our homegrown benchmarking tool for Elasticsearch. During this webinar, we will show how to use, extend, and configure Rally when running benchmarks to help with cluster sizing, performance tuning, and capacity planning.

This will include insight into Rally internals and practical examples of simulating realistic load for different use cases, as well as a discussion around methodology and analysis of results.

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Christian Dahlqvist

Christian Dahlquist is part of the Solutions Architecture team at Elastic, helping users build solutions using the most innovative and advanced open source distributed search engine. He previously worked at Basho Technologies in a variety of roles, after many years working within the telecommunications sector across the world.

Daniel Mitterdorfer

Daniel Mitterdorfer is a software engineer at Elastic. He is interested in performance, concurrency, internals of the JVM and CPU architecture.