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Using Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack for Advanced Threat Hunting

Hosted by

Samir Bennacer, Octodet
Samir Bennacer, Octodet



James Spiteri
James Spiteri

Director Product Management, Security



Cybersecurity threats have become aggressively sophisticated. The data and speed required to detect targeted attacks has increased dramatically - the signature- and rule-based approaches simply don’t cut it anymore.

The need for a cybersecurity solution that maintains and utilizes data effectively, whilst providing a simple yet powerful interface for security analysts to stop malicious users in their tracks is paramount for any security operation.

This webinar demonstrates the Elastic Stack’s ability to carry out threat hunting activities needed to keep pace with the threats of today and tomorrow, and cover:

  • The state of today’s threat hunting landscape
  • The importance of fast, scalable, and relevant threat intelligence and data enrichment
  • How to integrate various types of threat feeds into Elasticsearch
  • How to use Kibana visualizations for interactive threat hunting
  • The role of machine learning for automated anomaly detection

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