Understanding Multi-fields in Elasticsearch Mappings

An inverted index in Elasticsearch is very similar to an index that you would find at the back of your favorite technical book. You can configure Elasticsearch to create multiple inverted indices for the same field by indexing a field in different ways. This capability is referred to as multi-fields.

In this video, we explore multi-field concepts from the Elasticsearch Engineer I course

Topics include:

  • how to define and configure multi-fields in your index mappings
  • a discussion of when to use multi-fields (and when not to)
  • how to take advantage of multi-fields in your search queries

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Rich Raposa

Rich is the Manager of the Certification Program at Elastic. He was also the main developer of the Elasticsearch Engineer I and II training courses that are the foundation of the Elastic Certified Engineer exam. Prior to Elastic, he built and managed the Certification Program at Hortonworks.