Elasticsearch at NetSuite: Speed, Scale, and Security

Join us for a live webinar to hear Bryan Washer, Principal Site Reliability Engineer at NetSuite, discuss how NetSuite is scaling their Elasticsearch deployment to better serve their clients and internal needs.

Topics covered:

  • NetSuite’s Elasticsearch architecture to ingest 3 billion daily events
  • Scale to handle a petabyte of data
  • Meet security needs like HIPAA, EU, PACRIM, PCI/DSS with Shield

Bryan will be joined by Marty Messer, VP of Customer Care, and Steve Kearns, Director of Product Management. 

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Bryan Washer

Bryan Washer is the Principal Site Reliability Engineer and Manager of the Engineering Operations Architecture group at NetSuite. He has over 20 years experience in supporting production environments across several fortune 500 companies. He specializes in designing solutions easy to maintain, quick to deploy and the flexibility to scale. Currently, he is developing an Elasticsearch implementation enabling extensive mining of data to provide world class event and data correlation.

Steve Kearns

Steve is director of product management, focused on Elasticsearch and commercial products at Elastic. Prior to Elastic, he worked at DataGravity and Basis Technology, where he designed and deployed text analytics and search technologies to solve interesting problems for some of the world's most successful companies.

Marty Messer

Marty Messer has spent 20 years in the open source world helping customers get significant value from free software. Marty joined Elastic in April 2014, and is responsible for ensuring customer success and satisfaction. Previously, he held similar roles at Red Hat, Hyperic, SpringSource, and VMware.