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Searchable Snapshots: Search More, Know More, For Less

Hosted by:

Barry Murphy
Barry Murphy

Head of Customer Success


Michael Hyatt
Michael Hyatt

Principal Solutions Architect



The past 18 months has seen unprecedented growth in online activity and the resulting need for search, observability and security has also grown at an exponential rate, resulting in cost pressures and data retention gaps.

Learn how to bridge these gaps with Elasticsearch searchable snapshots — a new capability that provides a tiered approach to searching across data saved in different classes of storage — and Elastic Agent, a simplified approach to all your data collection needs.


  • The trends and numbers affecting data growth and retention across enterprises today 
  • How to search petabytes of data in minutes cost-effectively by leveraging searchable snapshots and the new frozen tier 
  • How to scale your data retention requirements at a significantly reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)

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