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Search made simple with Elastic SaaS-based solutions


Elastic SaaS solutions have made implementing and maintaining your own custom search engine easier than ever, no matter the size of your team. With Elastic App Search and Elastic Site Search, you can have a powerful, personalized search solution up and running in minutes on your website, support portal, or custom application.

But search is just the start. Our SaaS solutions also come with a robust set of tuning and analytics tools to help you easily maintain the best possible search experience for your users. Join our Solution Architects for an overview of how to build a powerful, customizable search experience, including how to monitor and tune relevancy in real time. Topics covered include:

  • Getting started in minutes with Elastic SaaS offerings
  • Crawling sites with Elastic Site Search
  • Ingesting data with Elastic App Search
  • Tuning search relevance, improving speed, and scaling up
  • Reindexing with zero down time
  • Leveraging analytics to make informed decisions

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