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Kibana Spaces: Organize (and Secure) Your Dashboards and Saved Objects

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Alona Nadler
Alona Nadler

Senior Manager, Product Management



New in version 6.5, Kibana spaces allows you to organize your dashboards, visualizations, and other saved objects into meaningful categories based on team, use case, individual, or really any way you choose. Using role-based access control, you can layer in security to control who can (and cannot) view and/or edit which space.

If you have a shared Kibana instance with 100s of dashboards and visualizations, spaces allows you to deliver a more organized and secure experience to the end users.

Watch this video for an overview of Kibana spaces, and learn how you can start to leverage this new feature.


  • Creating new spaces and organizing your objects
  • Understanding how users and roles work in Kibana
  • Securing spaces and configuring access control
  • Moving objects between spaces

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