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Intro to Elastic APM: Amping up your logs and metrics for the full picture

Hosted by:

Neha Duggal
Neha Duggal

Principal Product Manager



As architectures grow more complex, with cloud-native architectures and hundreds — or thousands — of microservices shaping the user experience, application performance monitoring (APM) is increasingly pivotal to the success of modern organizations. Get a rundown of the latest features and see Elastic APM in action with a demo from the experts.

Watch our webinar and you will:

  • Get an overview of Elastic APM
  • Learn how to set up agents and start streaming data into the Elastic Stack
  • See features like distributed tracing, service maps, and machine learning in action
  • Discover how Elastic Observability allows you to correlate across your logs, metrics, and traces in one place

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