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Hands on with Elastic SIEM: Defending your organization with the Elastic Stack

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Andrew Goldstein

Principal Software Engineer


Andrew Kroh

Software Engineer


Mark Settle

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Security Analytics


Mike Paquette

Director of Product, Security Market



Does your team analyze security data with the Elastic Stack? If so, come check out Elastic SIEM, the first big step in building our vision of what a SIEM should be.

  • You’ll get a first look at how Elastic SIEM can help your security analysts and threat hunters defend your organization:
  • New Beats capabilities simplify the ingestion of security-relevant data from your IT environment
  • The Elastic Common Schema (ECS) enables uniform security analysis
  • The Elastic SIEM app equips analysts with workflows to qualify events and perform initial investigations


  • Mike Paquette, Director of Product, Security Market, at Elastic, describes the journey to keeping their organization's data and infrastructure safe from cyber threats
  • Andrew Kroh, a lead developer on the Beats team, shares Elastic’s latest ingestion capabilities
  • Andrew Goldstein, a developer on the solution team at Elastic, gives a behind-the-scenes look at the design and development of the new Elastic SIEM app
  • Mark Settle, who heads up product marketing for Elastic SIEM, shares a few words about the future of Elastic SIEM

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