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Elastic Agent and Fleet: Simpler data onboarding for security and observability

Hosted by

Animesh Bansriyar

Principal Solutions Architect


Ravi Ramnani

Senior Solutions Architect



Elastic Agent, centrally managed by Fleet, enables users and customers to integrate data across multiple data sources while also providing endpoint security. Learn how Elastic Agent serves as the single unified agent to accelerate the onboarding and management of new data sources while Fleet centrally manages all Elastic Agents, making installing and updating integrations and protections straightforward.

With Elastic Agent, Elastic Security users benefit from integrated ransomware and malware prevention, as well as remediation capabilities directly from the endpoint. Elastic Observability users gain better visibility across their applications and infrastructure, as well as secure, centralized agent management.


  • Learn how Elastic Agent and Fleet streamline ingest with a single agent for multiple data types
  • See how one click can perform mass updates and extend monitoring of your entire fleet of agents
  • Learn how to enable Elastic Agent integrated security features.
  • See Elastic Agent and Fleet in action during a live demo
  • Get your questions answered during an interactive Q&A

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