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Elastic and Siren: Protecting people, assets, and networks

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Dave Erickson
Dave Erickson

Public Sector Distinguished Architect


Giovanni Tummarello
Giovanni Tummarello

Co-founder & Chief Product Officer



In real life or on networks, bad actors continually change their approach, so investigators need the ability to constantly ask new questions and quickly leverage new datasets.

With its ability to quickly query and provide visibility across enormous amounts of static or streaming data, Elasticsearch is a natural foundation for investigative intelligence efforts.

In this webinar you’ll see how the Siren investigative intelligence platform is built on Elasticsearch to provide investigators with ultra scalable link analysis/knowledge graph capabilities (including efficient graph algorithms), augmented BI capabilities, natural language processing, entity resolution AI, and more.

We’ll share real-world examples from law enforcement, intelligence, financial crime, and cybersecurity so you can see how Elastic and Siren are delivering a huge leapfrog in big data investigative capabilities.

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