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Unlocking the next frontier of data-powered threat hunting

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Nicholas Lim
Nicholas Lim

Consulting Architect



Learn from cybersecurity experts from Taiwan, Japan, and Singapore:

We’ll hear from Hong-Wei Jyan, Director General of the Taiwan Cyber Security Department. He will share lessons from Taiwan’s national cybersecurity strategy - which consists of protecting critical infrastructure, grooming talent, and more.

Shinichi Yokohama, Chief Information Security Officer of Japan’s NTT Corporation, will also share how it analyses data for threat intelligence.

We’ll also discuss Zero Trust and shifting towards a proactive cybersecurity approach with Anthony Lim, Director, Center for Strategic Cyberspace + International Studies, Singapore; and Nicholas Lim, Principal Solutions Architect, Elastic.


  • How can agencies shift from a reactive to proactive approach in cybersecurity?
  • What are some challenges agencies face in analysing data for threat hunting and incident response?
  • How can governments and organisations groom cybersecurity talent and craft a credible cyber defense?
  • How are their respective organisations implementing Zero Trust?

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