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Developing Kibana Visualizations

With some significant changes to the visualize API, using existing Kibana visualizations in your own plugins has become much easier. Join Alex Francoeur, Thomas Neirynck, and Peter Pisljar for a live demonstration to learn how to develop visualizations in Kibana.

This webinar will cover:

  • Developing a custom visualization from scratch
  • Reusing existing visualizations in other components of Kibana
  • New methods, handlers and dependencies for creating Kibana visualizations

To follow along during the webinar:

  • Set up your Kibana development environment (preferably the master branch)
  • Use sample code from the webinar to create your own visualizations
  • Reference Contributing to Kibana Github repo for any issues

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    Alex Francoeur

    Product Manager


    Thomas Neirynck

    Software Engineer


    Peter Pišljar

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