Using ELK Stack to augment Prometheus metrics

Learn how to use the Elastic Stack to augment metrics collected via Prometheus, with logs and application performance data for increased observability of your applications.

Highlights Include:

  • A brief overview of Prometheus and its architecture
  • Options for getting Prometheus data into the Elastic Stack
  • Leveraging key Elastic Stack features for long-term and reliable storage of metrics, such as hot-warm architectures, rollups, and more
  • Operationalizing your logs and APM traces alongside Prometheus metrics

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Dan Roscigno

Dan Roscigno is a member of the Elastic Product Marketing team focusing on ingestion, logging, and operations use cases. Dan has been in and around Ops for twenty years as a developer, solution architect, evangelist, and educator.

Tanya Bragin

With over 15 years of experience in information technology, Tanya Bragin leads the development of the Beats, Kibana, and Logstash product roadmaps. She spent five years at ExtraHop Networks where she led a team of product managers. In her spare time she enjoys posing as roadkill on the mean streets of Bay Area.