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Evolve security operations faster with Elastic Security as your SIEM

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Neil Desai
Neil Desai

Security Specialist


Mike Paquette
Mike Paquette

Sr. Director Product Management, Security



The modern SIEM requires more data to stay ahead of threats and keep up with business needs — but security teams are finding themselves scrambling to address fundamental problems.

Which high-volume data sources are you forced to drop from your SIEM due to licensing constraints or architectural limits? Are you spending time deciding which tradeoffs to make between data source availability and team efficiency?

Elastic Security is the foundation of modern security teams. Using Elastic Security as your SIEM empowers you to gain the visibility needed to keep your security operations running efficiently and with the right level of context — prompting smarter, faster security decisions that help protect the business.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Gain holistic visibility: Include high-volume data sources and historical data in your monitoring
  • Get security insights, fast: Crush alert fatigue with high-fidelity, prioritized correlations
  • Reduce dwell times: Automate detection with MITRE-mapped, out-of-the-box detections and Event Query Language (EQL)
  • Find unknown threats: Leverage unsupervised and supervised machine learning to detect malicious activity
  • Streamline SecOps workflows: Uplevel SIEM usability with Elastic Security’s interactive workspace to detect, respond to, triage, investigate, and resolve cases with ease

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