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Application observability on Kubernetes with the Elastic Stack: Hands-on tutorial

Hosted by:

Michael Hyatt
Michael Hyatt

Principal Solutions Architect


Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith

Principal Product Marketing Manager



Kubernetes is the go-to container orchestration technology these days, helping break up monolithic applications into smaller, more manageable microservices. While the resulting components are much smaller and simpler, the resulting application is way more complex to monitor.

Observability relies on three pillar data pieces: logs, metrics, and application performance monitoring, or APM for short. So how does one go about collecting these on Kubernetes? There is no shortage of tools that can help you monitor, but do you really want to cobble together a Frankenstein clump of 3-6 different tools, vendors, and technologies?

Elastic has a better approach — to let you do everything with one tool. This webinar presents the Elastic way of solving the observability challenge for applications running on Kubernetes.

Join us for a hands-on tutorial that users can run to learn how the Elastic Stack can be used to observe applications running on Kubernetes.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Challenges with application observability on Kubernetes
  • How Elastic solves it with Beats and APM
  • Tutorial overview
  • Deploying Beats
  • Deploying the application components and APM agents
  • A tour around Kibana to show the goodness of logs, metrics and APM, all in one spot

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