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New alerting for observability, security, and the Elastic Stack

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Aris Papadopoulos
Aris Papadopoulos

Principal Product Manager I


Dustin Smith
Dustin Smith

Principal Product Marketing Manager



The alerting framework released into beta in version 7.7 introduces a wholly new and streamlined experience for creating, managing, and monitoring your alerts and notifications within the Elastic Stack. From the ability to create alerts directly within Elastic Observability and Elastic Security interfaces to a full alert management UI and the flexibility to trigger emails or integrate with 3rd party platforms like PagerDuty, the new alerting framework gives you the power to proactively monitor what matters. And when things do end up on your radar, this new alert management will help you make sense of the issue and act quickly.

This walkthrough of the new alerting framework for the Elastic Stack is perfect for anyone who is either currently using Watcher to do alerting in the Elastic Stack or is curious about setting up alerts for the first time. Join us as we demonstrate how to create alerts directly from within APM, Metrics, Uptime, and SIEM as well as how to manage alerts centrally.


  • Live demonstration of the new alerting framework
  • How to rapidly create alerts from within the Elastic Observability and Elastic Security applications
  • Managing alerts centrally from the management tab
  • Making Elastic Stack alerts actionable by triggering emails or integrating them with 3rd party platforms like PagerDuty or Slack

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