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Tines & Elastic: Better Together

Together, Tines and Elastic provide security teams with all they need to support continuous monitoring, threat detection and prevention, alert enrichment and triage, threat hunting, incident response, and more.

Hosted by

Marvin Ngoma
Marvin Ngoma

Senior Solutions Architect


Stephen Creedon
Stephen Creedon

Sales Engineer



By combining the value of high-fidelity detection and alerting delivered by Elastic Security with Tines’ robust automation platform, security teams are able to dramatically reduce dwell times, mean time to respond, and false-positive rates while also strengthening their agility and impact.


  • Get an understanding of how the integration between Elastic Security and Tines works
  • Watch live demos highlighting the power of Elastic and Tines
  • Fireside Chat and Q&A with Tines and Elastic

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