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Simplify multi-cloud monitoring and insights with Elastic Observability

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Felix Roessel
Felix Roessel

Principal Solutions Architect



Companies are increasingly running applications across multiple cloud environments for their needs. The reasons driving this vary - from flexibility, to access to best of breed solutions across providers, to downstream end customer choices that may necessitate the use of a specific provider for a specific client need. But across these underlying reasons, there is a growing need to easily deploy and operate across multiple cloud providers.

This webinar highlights the growing importance of and demand for ease of operations across cloud providers, exploring common multi-cloud pain points and how Elastic Cloud enables customers to address and mitigate these concerns. This will cover the use of Terraform to provision Elastic across AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure and the ability to bring insights together across these footprints into a unified analysis. It demonstrates how customers can treat all data sets as first class citizens, bringing them together into a single dashboard for visibility, analysis, and action thanks to Elastic’s integrations and cross cluster capabilities.

Join this webinar to learn about:

  • Demonstration of Elastic Cloud deployment across AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, using Terraform
  • Ingestion of service telemetry from all three cloud providers
  • Integrated analysis of telemetry across all three providers on a single dashboard

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