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Turning your retail ecommerce into a platform of engagement and loyalty

Hosted by:

Valerio Arvizzigno
Valerio Arvizzigno

Principal Solutions Architect



This on-demand webinar delves into the dynamic partnership between Elastic and Google Cloud, focusing on how it revolutionizes the retail landscape. Join us as we explore the strategies and technologies that can transform your ecommerce platform from a mere transactional site into a hub of customer engagement and unwavering loyalty.

Learn how to leverage Elastic's powerful search capabilities and Google Cloud's scalable infrastructure provides a safe, cost effective approach to building personalized shopping experiences to boost ecommerce sales and leverage privacy-first generative AI to fundamentally change online experiences.


  • Accelerate digital growth
  • Build next-generation customer experiences
  • Create personalized shopping experiences
  • Adopt Gen AI to fundamentally change online experiences
  • Boost eCommerce sales

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