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What’s new in Elastic Observability: Cloud-native observability from customer to kernel


In this virtual event, we will walk through the exciting new capabilities and feature updates in Elastic Observability that empowers organizations to gain deeper visibility into complex cloud-native applications. From always-on universal profiling to synthetic monitoring, machine learning, and AIOps, Elastic Observability helps you gain insights and understanding into your applications like never before. Native support for the growing OpenTelemetry ecosystem will also mean you will be able to future-proof your capabilities and observability solution.


  • Gain deeper visibility into complex cloud-native apps with frictionless, “always on” whole system profiling based upon eBPF
  • Proactively detect application and system performance issues (before your customers do) with an all-new synthetic monitoring capability and easy to use script recorder
  • Accelerate problem resolution with machine learning and contextualized telemetry data to drive smarter AIOps driven operations and troubleshooting
  • Native support for the OpenTelemetry protocol allows you to ingest OTel telemetry data into Elastic’s open and extensible platform to take full advantage of our powerful visualization and analytics capabilities

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