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Modernise SecOps with Unified Security

In today's modern enterprise world, data volumes are increasingly exponential, making it challenging to monitor and protect against security threats. Legacy SIEMs can be restrictive, hindering security teams' ability to protect against modern cyber threats. In this fast-evolving business landscape, security teams require comprehensive visibility, automated detection and prevention, and streamlined workflows.

Hosted by:

Haran Kumar
Haran Kumar

Senior Security Specialist



Discover how Elastic Security can simplify your security operations by providing a unified platform for your SIEM and EDR needs.

Our experts will show you how Elastic Security's modern detection techniques, mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework, can help you detect sophisticated attacks in real-time.


  • How Elastic Security's unified platform provides complete visibility into your security environment, enabling you to detect and respond to threats faster.
  • How Elastic Security's machine learning capabilities can help you stay ahead of emerging threats.
  • How to leverage Elastic EDR for prevention and automated remediation.

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