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Getting started with Painless scripting for Kibana runtime fields

Hosted by:

Jason Burns
Jason Burns

Principal Product Manager


Stuart Tettemer
Stuart Tettemer

Senior Software Engineer



Learn how to use Painless scripting in Kibana to author your own fields on the fly with runtime fields in Kibana.

Painless is a performant, secure scripting language designed specifically for use with Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack. It provides a natural syntax for anyone with a little coding experience and can be used for use cases like field extraction. Join us to learn the basics, walk through demo scenarios for runtime fields in Kibana, and get started with your own Painless scripting - you’ll be creating fields on the fly in no time.


  • Learn about the basics, such as the data types and document values supported
  • Use Painless scripting for data analytics scenarios in Kibana like math calculations, string manipulation, and copying values to another field.
  • Discover more about Painless scripting for creating runtime fields, Elastic’s implementation of schema on read

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