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How Elastic enables CxOs to build data driven organisations

In today’s ‘always-on’ world, business growth and transformation is fundamentally connected to data. However, the growing quantity and complexity of data can overwhelm executives and prevent actionable insights from surfacing.    

Hosted by:

Tim Brophy
Tim Brophy

Principal Solutions Architect



In this webinar Tim Brophy, Principal Solutions Architect at Elastic, explains how Elastic helps the world's leading organisations use the power of search to turn data into results that matter.

Topics Covered

  • The essential role of data for business growth and transformation
  • Common underlying data challenges that prevent growth (including data sprawl, data complexity, data silos and incomplete data)
  • How Elastic’s search-powered solutions dissolve these challenges and put data to work
  • How the Elastic ecosystem is integrated with your business (including examples from across different industries and geographies)

What makes Elastic different?

Data from Forrester shows that businesses that extract value from data continuously and in real-time are 8x more likely to grow revenue by 20%. Discover how Elastic's search technology is uniquely capable of surfacing tailored and relevant results at continuous high speed.

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