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Delivering Generative AI in the Enterprise: Challenges, Opportunities, and Best Practices

Hosted by:

Morgan Goeller
Morgan Goeller

Senior Manager, Solutions Architecture


James Spiteri
James Spiteri

Director, Product Management for Elastic Security



Join us to learn more about the exciting opportunities and thorny challenges of using generative AI in an enterprise environment, including potential benefits in healthcare, financial services, retail, and energy.

You will learn the key considerations for getting started with generative AI and best practices for delivering successful projects in an enterprise setting. In addition, you'll get insights on connections and integrations with enterprise data, LLMs, and generative AI (like ChatGPT).


  • Securely integrating enterprise data with OpenAI and other LLMs
  • Selecting, fine tuning, and deploying models
  • Implementing vector and hybrid search and relevance
  • Establishing best practices for generative AI application development
  • Bringing context to generative AI and LLMs
  • Creating cost containment strategies

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