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Improve your software delivery with CI/CD observability and OpenTelemetry

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Cyrille Le Clerc
Cyrille Le Clerc

Director Product Management, Observability


Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith

Principal Product Marketing Manager



Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) is a critical process in organizations, however it has been lacking visibility and insights from modern observability capabilities. This inability to identify errors results in more time spent debugging, reducing developer productivity, and slowing innovation.

In this virtual event, we'll demonstrate how DevOps teams can implement CI/CD observability to troubleshoot build pipeline and platform problems, optimize pipeline performance, perform security/process audits, and add traceability. We'll show how OpenTelemetry provides turnkey observability for the most popular tools such as Jenkins, Maven, and Ansible.

Finally, we'll also show how Elastic Observability improves Jenkins reliability and scalability.

We will cover:

  • Monitoring and troubleshooting of CI/CD platforms illustrated with Jenkins and automated tests
  • CI/CD Observability architecture with OpenTelemetry and Elastic, including the flexibility to combine more tools like custom DevOps or Prometheus
  • Performance optimization of CI/CD workflows illustrated with  the pipeline for a SpringBoot / Maven / Snyk / Docker application
  • Traceability of the bill of material of the produced artifacts
  • Storing Jenkins pipeline logs in Elastic

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