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The impact of AIOps and GAI on modern observability

Hosted by:

David Hope
David Hope

Director of Product Marketing


Bahubali Shetti
Bahubali Shetti

Senior Director, Product Marketing



Learn how AIOps and GAI offer a solution for monitoring and analyzing the avalanche of observability data generated by today's modern applications. We'll show you how AIOps, GAI can help you deliver more resilient applications when used with observability platforms.

Start with the basics on how AIOps works, review key use cases in observability, and learn how GAI and AI assistants will enhance AIOps moving forward. We’ll also dive into how you can integrate your proprietary, internal data with public LLMs for more effective guidance when diagnosing issues. This session will conclude with demos of how AIOps and GAI will help improve the operational resilience of your applications and the performance of your teams.


  • The need for AIOps in observability
    • Architecture and capabilities of an AIOps solution
    • The impact of GAI on AIOps
    • RAG and using private data with LLMs
  • Key AIOps use cases
  • Demo - AIOps for observability
  • Demo - Elastic AI Assistant

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