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Elastic and Tines - Adding automation to your security operations workflow

Hosted by:

James Spiteri
James Spiteri

Director, Product Management for Elastic Security


John Tuckner
John Tuckner

Technical Program Manager



Many of the world’s best security teams rely on the power of Elastic’s high-speed, cloud-scale detection, prevention, and response capabilities to investigate and contain potential security threats within their environments. Many of these same teams trust Tines’ no-code automation platform to optimize their mission-critical workflows, respond to attacks at speed and scale, reduce toil on analysts, and remove the friction associated with integrations.

Join this webinar to learn how the two products can work together seamlessly. We’ll be showcasing real-world examples and use cases that are top of mind for most security teams.


  • Creating detections in Elastic Security with external action connectors
  • Creating end to end stories in Tines
  • Using Elastic Security and Kibana APIs to aid during incident investigation
  • Using Tines forms to create “Human in the loop” workflows
  • Adopting a “Detections as Code” strategy by using the two platforms together

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