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Cybersecurity trends in 2023: Modernizing security operations

Hosted by:

James Spiteri
James Spiteri

Director, Product Management for Elastic Security


Mark Ehr
Mark Ehr

Senior Consulting Analyst

451 Research


As digitization, tools, and the attack surface increase — all against the backdrop of a global shortage of cyber talent — the need to reduce risk in an organization has never been more evident. In the year ahead, bringing security operations up to modern standards is one way organizations can help reduce risk and bolster their security posture. Modern security operations calls for a platform that provides actionable analytics, speed, scalability, and cloud-native by design, amongst other characteristics. Join the conversation with 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, and Elastic to discuss how the trend of modernizing security operations will play out in 2023, including:

  • The impact of adversaries targeting misconfigured cloud service provider accounts and Linux virtual machines deployed in cloud environments
  • What's at risk for security teams when security operations aren't adapted to the current threat landscape
  • Where organizations are planning investments in XDR, SIEM, and security analytics
  • How organizations are approaching tool consolidation and hybrid cloud environments

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