Analyzing APM Data

Course Summary

Elastic APM doesn’t just collect in-depth performance metrics and errors from inside your applications, it also visualizes the data to help you quickly locate issues. This course walks you through all the details about using the Kibana APM UI to drill down into your performance data. You will learn how to visualize application bottlenecks as well as how easy it is to find errors in your application with Elastic APM. After completing this course, you will be prepared to fully understand the APM data your application is generating, how they might indicate performance bottlenecks in your application, and how to find and fix errors in your application.

  • The Elastic APM UI in Kibana
  • Monitoring Transactions
  • Analyzing Spans
  • Finding Errors and Debugging Issues

Course Details

This course is a module of the APM specialization. Find out how our focused Training Specializations can help you with your use case.

Software Developers and Engineers, Data Architects, System Administrators, DevOps

Virtual Classroom - 1 Day | 2-3 hours

Virtual Classroom Schedule

  • We recommend you have taken Elasticsearch Engineer I and Elasticsearch Engineer II or possess equivalent knowledge. Engineer I and Engineer II teach the concepts that are the foundation upon which all specializations are built.
  • Some programming background, so you can understand performance bottlenecks and code errors.
  • Stable internet connection
  • Mac, Linux, or Windows
  • Latest version of Chrome or Firefox (Safari is not 100% supported)
  • Due to virtual classroom JavaScript requirements, we recommend that you disable any ad-blockers and restart your browser before class.

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It was awesome. Both instructors are great speakers. They have a wide and deep knowledge about the topic, and they know how to pass it on. They are infecting with their enthusiasm.

Mariusz Kuskowski | Allegro Group