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Designated Support Engineer

Package SKU Name: Support: Designated Support Engineer
Duration: Minimum 9 months, Maximum 3 years

A named Support Engineer ("Designated Support Engineer" or "DSE") allocated to a customer for up to 25 hours per month to provide support services for the customer’s active subscription(s) to be agreed upon with Elastic. Support cases raised during the DSE’s available hours will be routed to the DSE, who will have expertise in the customer’s architecture and business needs. The DSE will engage with the customer's team in regular check-ins, case reviews, and support escalations. The DSE will maintain a personalized environment profile, become acquainted with the customer’s architecture, and help to resolve cases faster.

Customer profile:

  • Can be applied to any Solution(s): Enterprise Search, Observability, Security, or any other use cases on the Elastic Stack or Elastic Cloud.
  • Can be applied to the following subscription levels:
    • Elastic Cloud: Platinum and Enterprise
    • Self-managed: Platinum and Enterprise
  • Can be applied to any deployment type.
  • Can only be applied to annual or multi-year subscriptions.
  • Applicable for customers looking for a more personal experience with Elastic Support, in which a named Support Engineer gains expertise in the customer’s use case(s) and architecture(s).
  • Applicable for customers who want more proactive services and for Elastic Support to feel like a part of the customer’s team.

Common tasks within the engagement:

  • Assignment of all applicable cases raised during the DSE’s available hours.
  • Key Business Milestone check ins (e.g., go live, upgrades).
  • Guidance and planning e.g., use case extension, operational best practice audits, post-launch performance assessments, backup & recovery best practice review.
  • Technical onboarding support.
  • Internal advocacy on customer-critical issues.

Included in scope:

  • Up to 25 hours work per month
  • DSE can work across several use cases or projects on active subscriptions agreed upon with Elastic.
  • DSE services can only be fulfilled whilst a supported subscription is active.
  • DSE availability from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm in a time zone supported by Elastic and mutually agreed upon in writing between the parties .
  • Remote-only assistance.
  • Monthly check-ins.
  • Monthly case reports.
  • Maintained environment profile.

Not included in scope:

  • Writing code.
  • Directly making changes on your behalf.
  • On-site visits.
  • Modification or manipulation of customer production data, applications, or environment.
  • Review or analysis of customer data, except within a customer-provided, non-production environment.
  • Deployments that leverage custom use cases or custom integrations.
  • Recommendations, handling, or administration of third-party software, software data, or systems.