See Elastic Observability in action

Interested in seeing what Elastic Observability can do for you? Whether you’re a developer, SRE, or DevOps professional, search-powered observability built on the proven Elasticsearch platform makes it easy to consolidate all of your telemetry data for actionable alerting and analysis.

This hands-on sandbox has live data and will allow you to explore telemetry data across logs, infrastructure, APM, and uptime monitors. Create rules, alerts, and notifications when conditions are met or anomalies are detected.

Elastic Observability demo highlights

  • Examine logs and log stream data
  • Review an example infrastructure's current conditions
  • Get a snapshot of the health of services through our APM interface
  • Use our uptime monitors to monitor availability
  • The User Experience interface helps you keep track of real user performance and core web vitals

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