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By integrating two critical components of cybersecurity — endpoint security and SIEM — Elastic Security provides prevention, collection, detection, and response capabilities for unified protection across your infrastructure. Built on the Elastic Stack and powered by the open source community, Elastic Security equips security practitioners to protect their organizations.



7.6 introduces ATT&CK-aligned detection rules, enhanced monitoring for Windows hosts, revamped security workflows, direct access to APM data & more.

Protection by design. Prevention by default.

Choose the only solution that enables unified prevention, collection, detection, and response right out of the box — and benefits from the speed and extensibility of Elasticsearch.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security

Prevention, detection, and response in a single, autonomous agent.



Threat detection on the Elastic Stack, available free to analysts everywhere.

Elastic Endpoint Security has dramatically dropped our mean time to remediate from seven days to 30 minutes over legacy antivirus, and the Elastic Stack has provided an unparalleled way to store, analyze, and react to data well beyond any competitor in the market.

Andrew Stokes, Assistant Director and Information Security Officer, Texas A&M University

Advanced Enterprise Protection

Outpace adversaries with multi-layered technology

Prevent and detect attacks instantly with industry-leading endpoint protection. Real-time, autonomous prevention on the endpoint stops attacks across the entire MITRE ATT&CK matrix with no end-user impact. Protect all your endpoints — Windows, macOS, and Linux desktops and servers.

Signatureless protections powered by machine learning and behavioral analytics prevent damage and loss by stopping malware, phishing, ransomware, process injection, software exploits, and post-compromise activities.

Security at scale

Stop. Dropping. Data.

Elastic makes searching and threat hunting across all your data — IoT, OT, network, and endpoint — simple and instantly actionable. Response at scale means you can isolate a single compromised endpoint or remediate an attack across your entire environment with a single click.

Resource-based pricing allows you to install across all your endpoints and ingest and store as much data as you need in Elastic SIEM — paying only for what you use.

Accelerate your security program

Straightforward analysis

Intuitive visualization renders the origin, extent, and timeline of an attack with real-time analysis of file, registry, user, process, network, and DNS data. Empower analysts to determine root cause and take immediate action without leaving the page.

Gather and analyze data from hundreds of thousands of endpoints in just minutes, rather than waiting the hours (or days) needed with traditional EDR tools.

Drag-and-Drop Data Visualization

Visualize data in a snap

Using Kibana Lens, quickly check MTTD/MTTR, MITRE ATT&CK coverage, or whatever else your organization may need. Discover new ways to combine data traditionally used just for SecOps, APM, or business analytics. Simply drag and drop data fields to build new dashboards. Leverage smart suggestions for the most impactful way to display your data.

Pay only for the resources you use

Don't let a restrictive pricing model get in the way of best practices. What you pay is determined only by the amount of underlying server resources you use, no matter the use case, data ingested, or number of endpoints. Learn more about Elastic pricing.

Built on the Elastic Stack

Protect while you ingest. Secure anywhere.

Elastic Security provides a single interface for prevention, collection, detection, and response across your endpoints and network. Protect from the endpoint while also ingesting endpoint security data into Elastic SIEM for comprehensive coverage of your threat landscape. Address your biggest security challenges with a fast, scalable technology — customized to your needs.

Validated by industry experts

Elastic Endpoint Security has been tested and reviewed by AV-Comparatives, NSS Labs, and MITRE ATT&CK, and Gartner Peer Insights users depend on the Elastic Stack for SIEM use cases.

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Unify your logs, metrics, and APM traces at scale in a single stack.

Enterprise Search

Enterprise Search

Powerful, modern search experiences for your workplace, website, or applications.

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