France public sector

Preserve data for digital reform

French government and research institutions use Elastic to centralize and secure their data. Find out why.

Infrastructure resilience —
it starts with search

Elastic is a search-powered platform known for helping people find information faster, keeping mission-critical applications running smoothly, and protecting against cyber threats. Applying approachable machine learning and detection technologies, Elastic makes your data more powerful than ever before.

  • Transform data mining capabilities

    Search data sources with speed and scale

    • Workplace search
    • Website search
    • Application search
    • Ecommerce search
  • Consolidate data logging tools

    Collect robust telemetry on one platform

    • Centralized logging & data retention
    • Application performance monitoring
    • Cloud migration
  • Empower security teams

    Protect networks and data with precision detection and response

    • Unified threat detection & response
    • Cloud security
    • Cyber community and training
  • Deploy within SecNumCloud

    Achieve use cases at secure cloud scale

    • Self-managed cloud
    • Data protection compliance

See our solutions in action

  • Customer spotlight

    "Elastic gives us the ability to verify the precision and compliance of commercial fishing declarations compared with actual recorded events."

  • Customer spotlight

    "The monitoring tasks we perform are data access and distribution, data processing, and services health and performance, with dedicated dashboards for each of these areas."

  • Customer spotlight

    "We're collecting several billion log records from our endpoints and network sensors. All the data we need in order to detect anomalies, we now have in our hands."

Top-of-mind topics

Flexible deployment models for every environment

Choose where and how to run your deployment: on premises, on Elastic Cloud, in a hybrid environment, or wherever your mission takes you.

  • Hosted by Elastic Cloud

    Try out Elastic Cloud for enterprise search, analytics, and security — available on the AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud marketplaces.

  • Hosted by you

    Subscribe, download, and install wherever you need. Provision, manage, and monitor your deployment from a single console with our orchestration products.

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Questions? We love a good query

The Elastic public sector team is here to help.

Questions? We love a good query

The Elastic public sector team is here to help.

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