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Governments and universities use Elastic to turn data potential into results that matter for their organisations. Find out why.

Digital transformation —
it starts with search

Elastic is a search-powered platform known for helping people find the right information faster and at scale, keeping mission-critical applications running smoothly, and protecting against cyber threats. Applying approachable machine learning and detection technologies, Elastic makes your data more powerful than ever before.

  • Modernise digital experiences

    Unlock economic potential by connecting people with information

    • Workplace search
    • Website search
    • Application search
    • Ecommerce search
  • Realise innovation outcomes

    Optimise investments in agile technologies and international collaboration

    • Role-based data sharing
    • DevSecOps
    • AIOps
  • Build first-class analytics capabilities

    Leverage telemetry to future-proof the infrastructure that supports essential services

    • Cloud migration
    • Application performance monitoring
    • Fraud detection
  • Operate a more secure online world

    Equip security teams with tools to thwart cyber threats

    • Unified threat detection and response
    • Cloud security
    • Cyber community and training

See our solutions in action

Learn how leading organisations use Elastic to power mission-critical use cases.

  • Customer Spotlight

    "Because we’re a distributed system, Elastic was a perfect fit for getting a view of transactions that span multiple purpose boundaries."

  • Customer Spotlight

    "Just collecting all possible logs, events, and alarms does not help make sense of them. With Elastic’s SIEM, we enrich with fresh metadata at ingest to capture situational context."

  • Customer spotlight

    "What we’re doing with Elastic for Air Combat Command mission assurance is applicable to protecting a number of other industrial control systems."

Top-of-mind topics

  • Keeping an exascale computing environment stable

    Read how an analytics team uses logging to monitor an exascale system and pinpoint efficiencies.

  • Search, solve, and succeed with Elastic

    Hear from Elastic’s CEO about our important work in the public sector.

  • Thwarting cyber threats with Limitless XDR

    Limitless eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) empowers analysts to stop threats at scale.

Flexible deployment models for every environment

Choose where and how to run your deployment: on premises, on Elastic Cloud, in a hybrid environment, or wherever your mission takes you.

  • Hosted by Elastic Cloud

    Try out Elastic Cloud for enterprise search, analytics, and security — available on the AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud marketplaces.

  • Hosted by you

    Subscribe, download, and install wherever you need. Provision, manage, and monitor your deployment from a single console with our orchestration products.

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