Semantic search: Bringing search experiences into the AI era

Semantic search enables search experiences that can interpret the meaning of words and phrases. It moves beyond traditional, keyword-based search, so you can capture the intent behind your users' search queries.

This whitepaper dives into the practical considerations for bringing this type of AI-powered capability into your search experiences. Your options run the gamut: from out-of-the-box (but highly proficient) offerings to custom, more finely tuned implementations.

Which approach is right for you? You'll find out how to evaluate the different options, discover the benefits and trade-offs you can expect for each, and better understand the resources required for the varying paths to semantic search.


  • The basics behind semantic search, and the technologies that power it
  • Semantic search isn't one size fits all — find the right approach based on your resources, budget, and search needs
  • How a hybrid approach that combines traditional lexical search with vector-based approaches might be the sweet spot you need

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