Each document has metadata associated with it, such as the _index, mapping _type, and _id meta-fields. The behaviour of some of these meta-fields can be customised when a mapping type is created.

Identity meta-fieldsedit


The index to which the document belongs.


A composite field consisting of the _type and the _id.


The document’s mapping type.


The document’s ID.

Document source meta-fieldsedit

The original JSON representing the body of the document.
The size of the _source field in bytes, provided by the mapper-size plugin.

Indexing meta-fieldsedit

A catch-all field that indexes the values of all other fields.
All fields in the document which contain non-null values.

Routing meta-fieldsedit

Used to create a parent-child relationship between two mapping types.
A custom routing value which routes a document to a particular shard.

Other meta-fieldedit

Application specific metadata.