UAX URL Email Tokenizeredit

The uax_url_email tokenizer is like the standard tokenizer except that it recognises URLs and email addresses as single tokens.

Example outputedit

POST _analyze
  "tokenizer": "uax_url_email",
  "text": "Email me at"

The above sentence would produce the following terms:

[ Email, me, at, ]

while the standard tokenizer would produce:

[ Email, me, at, john.smith, global, ]


The uax_url_email tokenizer accepts the following parameters:


The maximum token length. If a token is seen that exceeds this length then it is split at max_token_length intervals. Defaults to 255.

Example configurationedit

In this example, we configure the uax_url_email tokenizer to have a max_token_length of 5 (for demonstration purposes):

PUT my_index
  "settings": {
    "analysis": {
      "analyzer": {
        "my_analyzer": {
          "tokenizer": "my_tokenizer"
      "tokenizer": {
        "my_tokenizer": {
          "type": "uax_url_email",
          "max_token_length": 5

POST my_index/_analyze
  "analyzer": "my_analyzer",
  "text": ""

The above example produces the following terms:

[ john, smith, globa, l, inter, natio, nal.c, om ]