Fingerprint Analyzeredit

The fingerprint analyzer implements a fingerprinting algorithm which is used by the OpenRefine project to assist in clustering.

Input text is lowercased, normalized to remove extended characters, sorted, deduplicated and concatenated into a single token. If a stopword list is configured, stop words will also be removed.


It consists of:

Example outputedit

POST _analyze
  "analyzer": "fingerprint",
  "text": "Yes yes, Gödel said this sentence is consistent and."

The above sentence would produce the following single term:

[ and consistent godel is said sentence this yes ]


The fingerprint analyzer accepts the following parameters:


The character to use to concate the terms. Defaults to a space.


The maximum token size to emit. Defaults to 255. Tokens larger than this size will be discarded.


A pre-defined stop words list like _english_ or an array containing a list of stop words. Defaults to \_none_.


The path to a file containing stop words.

See the Stop Token Filter for more information about stop word configuration.

Example configurationedit

In this example, we configure the fingerprint analyzer to use the pre-defined list of English stop words:

PUT my_index
  "settings": {
    "analysis": {
      "analyzer": {
        "my_fingerprint_analyzer": {
          "type": "fingerprint",
          "stopwords": "_english_"

POST my_index/_analyze
  "analyzer": "my_fingerprint_analyzer",
  "text": "Yes yes, Gödel said this sentence is consistent and."

The above example produces the following term:

[ consistent godel said sentence yes ]